Our Club Philosophy

The Toronto Atomic FC, whose main emphasis will be on players aged 14 to 17, will not play in a regular league, but will focus on specific games, tournaments, showcases and intensive practices, all geared towards providing our young talent with a winning attitude in order to face today’s and tomorrow’s many challenges confidently.

It is both soccer and social life skills – which are all deeply connected! The Team and its structure will provide our young talent with a positive model of present and future success, both in soccer and beyond! Through our many various showcases, our team will provide our young talent with invaluable exposure for college/university scholarships all over North America, numerous educational opportunities and an overall lifestyle that promotes and encourages discipline, health, teamwork and success, both on and off the pitch!

The Game of Life goes on and we want to give our young players all the skills and habits necessary for total success!

           IHOR PROKIPCHUK | Atomic President

Take a glimpse into a highlight video which features our CSL main team and our Atomic Selects program.

Atomic Selects strives to be a global impact not just a provincial impact for Canada! Take a look at what we did overseas!

Atomic Selects | Oversea