Toronto Atomic FC | Birth

Toronto Atomic FC has come a long way to become who they are today!

One of the key things that we strive for is that we are more than just a soccer team. Being a part of Atomic is like being a part of a family. Each and every player demonstrates leadership, charisma, and heart.

Back in 2013 Atomic took a trip to the Czech Republic to train and play soccer.

Toronto Atomic FC is only possible by you the people! We are a club that is built upon the kids and young adults whom want to come out daily and enjoy the game of soccer and become more active in society.

For those of you who are interested and looking for a team within the Greater Toronto Area, please contact us.
Denys Rylsky – 4162721029

We would love to see new faces who are willing to train hard day in and day out to play within the Canadian Association of Football.

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