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Michael Tischer is the captain of the First Division Toronto Atomic FC team. Born in Brazil in 1988, his passion for soccer was embedded in him by his father. His father was a former professional player and now is a coach for the younger talents out there. Growing up in a soccer environment has made Michael take soccer very seriously and hopes to continue in his father’s footsteps.

He has been a part of Atomic since their development and sees that this organization is continuing to grow day in and day out. They strive to become a high ranking professional team in Canada which is exactly what Canada is looking for in the Soccer Community.

Michael was certainly thrilled when Atomic made the playoffs in their first season as it sparked a major achievement, not only for him but also for the organization. He believes that this year’s squad has the potential to grow stronger and become more focused to one day go further into the playoffs, in hopes to be the next CSL Champions.

Michael is one of the most dedicated players we have seen on and off the playing field and we are proud to say that he is a part of Atomics’ organization. We hope that he continues to enjoy every moment of being with us!

Keep up the good work!

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