Inside Atomic FC – Serhiy Konyushenko

INSIDE ATOMIC FC – Serhiy Konyushenko

Serhiy Konyushenko is a former Ukrainian professional football defender and premier league coach. His experience as a premier league coach in Ukraine will give great experience to all players in his newly appointed squad, Toronto Atomic FC B. His first debut to our team was last week, June 11th, against London City B where Atomic dominated London with a 7-0 victory. Last night, June 19th, he proved successful again winning 2-1 against York Region Shooters B. Serhiy is off to a wonderful start and hopes to continue to drive his team in the current path they are heading. We welcome Serhiy to Toronto Atomic FC with open arms and hope that he not only brings his wisdom and talent but that he also enjoys his new team with Atomic FC!

Good luck Serhiy!!

To all fans, friends and players alike, stay tuned for more Inside Atomic FC where we will highlight a story each and every week! We want YOU to gain insight on how Atomic is built and run!

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