Message to Prospective Sponsors:

The Atomic Selects Soccer Team (Toronto) represents a new and innovative approach to youth soccer in this country. Before we can provide you with a most ideal sponsorship situation, we must briefly present our project and philosophy:

The Atomic Selects Soccer Team (Toronto), whose main emphasis will be on players aged 14 to 17, will not play in a regular league, but will focus on specific games, tournaments, showcases and intensive practices, all geared towards providing our young men with a winning attitude in preparation for today’s and tomorrow’s many challenges.
Our dedicated group of professionals will create a highly competitive, extremely disciplined and deeply motivated team of young men, with the simultaneous goal of present excellence and future opportunities. With our focus on showcase tournaments and various friendlies across North America (and the World !), we want to develop, strengthen and intensify our young men’s natural abilities and capabilities.
It is both soccer and social life skills – which are one and the same thing ! The Team and its structure will provide our young men with a positive model of present and future success, both in soccer and beyond ! Through our many various showcases, our team will provide our young men with invaluable exposure for college/university scholarships all over North America, numerous educational opportunities and an overall lifestyle that promotes and encourages discipline, health, teamwork and success, both on and off the pitch !
As prospective sponsors, you can be an integral part of our project and philosophy. Since our players are already being scouted by professional European teams and academies from Europe and since we will be participating in many prestigious tournaments across North America and in Europe, your exposure can be extensive on many levels, giving you great opportunities to promote and expand your brand and the way you do things.
And since there is a life and a world beyond soccer, our Team will play games in order to raise awareness and money for local organizations/charities, such as The Jean Tweed Centre, all of which will make our young men not only better players, but more importantly, better citizens and better people !
So, please find it in your hearts and in your organizations to sponsor The Atomic Selects Soccer Team (Toronto) ! Not only will you be investing in your present betterment, but you can also contribute to the improvement of our young men’s futures !
With respect and sincerity,

Jaroslav Stepanenko,
Public Relations Manager,
The Atomic Selects Soccer Team (Toronto)

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