Toronto Atomic FC | CAF Outdoor Season

Toronto Atomic FC | CAF Outdoor Season

Atomic would like to announce that they are going to be putting together a U8, U9-10 and U11-12 teams a part of the CAF Outdoor season.

We want to provide to the young talented individuals around the globe an opportunity to play with Atomic. We provide you with the ability to learn the ins and outs of the game of soccer from professional players. Especially within an established league such as the Canadian Academy of Football, we ca promise that everyone who joins Atomic will have a fantastic experience. An experience of a lifetime that we hope excels you in life and in the game of soccer for generations to come.

The future development of soccer talent in Canada lies within the largest youth age divisions. Atomic is capitalizing on young talented indidivudals and hoping to give you the correct path to follow to get the most of the CAF program.

As always, Atomic ensures that this will always be a friendly and safe environment!

For more information, contact:

Denys Rylsky – 4162721029

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