Toronto Atomic FC vs Serbian White Eagles

Latest game played was between your Toronto Atomic FC vs Serbian White Eagles.

Djordje Jocic  opened the scoring after 10 minutes for Serbian White Eagles at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke,  the attacking midfielder capitalizing on a play set up by Marko Marovic who moved a long ball to Mirko Medic, on to Jocic who caught the top left corner with a volley from eight yards, well out of reach of Atomic goalkeeper Vasyl Shpuk.

Atomic tied the game on a goal by Ihor Mihalevskyy who found the net past Serbian White Eagles goalkeeper Goran Skaric at the 14th minute mark.

Defender Milan Kusic struck the winner at 24 minutes for the home side, finding the net from five yards off a corner kick taken by Branislav Vukomanovic. It was 2-1 at half time and following a hard-played second half, it was 2-1 at the final whistle.

Atomic remains in second position with a 4-2-2 record for 14 points in the First Division Standings!

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